Thematic Working Groups

Thematic Working Group Chairs / Vice-Chairs Co-Chairs
1. Data on migration and remittance flows Rainer Muenz, European Commission

2. Labor migration Manolo Abella, COMPAS Manuela Tomei, ILO
Caglar Ozden, World Bank
3. Integration issues in host communities

4. Policy and institutional coherence David Khoudour, OECD Development Centre
Riad Meddeb, UNDP
5. Migration, security and development Khalid Koser, Geneva Centre for Security Policy

6. Migrant rights and social aspects of migration William Gois, Migrant Forum Asia
Kerry Neal, UNICEF
7. Remittances, including access to finance and capital Dilip Ratha, World Bank

8. Mobilizing diaspora resources as agents of social and economic change A. Didar Singh, Federation of Indian Industries and Commerce
Sonia Plaza, World Bank
9. Environmental change and migration Susan Martin, Georgetown University Kanta Kumari, World Bank
10. Internal migration and urbanization Chowdhury Abrar, University of Dhaka
Rosemary Vargas-Lundius
11. Forced Migration and Development T. Alexander Aleinikoff, Columbia University

Ana María Ibáñez, Universidad de los Andes (Vice Chair)
Xavier Devictor, World Bank
Volker Türk, UNHCR

Cross-Cutting Themes (Focal Points)

Cross-Cutting Themes Chairs
12. Gender Rosemary Vargas-Lundius
13. Monitoring and Evaluation
14. Capacity Building Colleen Thouez, UNITAR
15. Public Perceptions and Communications