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KNOMAD Secretariat

The World Bank hosts the KNOMAD Secretariat at its headquarters in Washington DC.

Head of KNOMAD: Dilip Ratha,

Senior Program Assistant: Harifera Raobelison,

Thematic Working Group Focal Point at the KNOMAD Secretariat
1. Data on migration and remittance flows Sonia Plaza
2. Skilled labor migration Kirsten Schuettler
3. Low skilled labor migration Soonhwa Yi
4. Integration issues in host communities Hanspeter Wyss
5. Policy and institutional coherence Sonia Plaza
6. Migration, security and development Soonhwa Yi
7. Migrant rights and social aspects of migration Hanspeter Wyss
8. Demographic changes and migration Soonhwa Yi
9. Remittances, including access to finance and capital markets Kirsten Schuettler
10. Mobilizing diaspora resources as agents of social and economic change Sonia Plaza
11. Environmental change and migration Hanspeter Wyss
12. Internal migration and urbanization Soonhwa Yi
13. Forced Migration and Development Kirsten Schuettler

Cross-Cutting Themes (Focal Points)

Cross-Cutting Themes Focal Point at the KNOMAD Secretariat
13. Gender Hanspeter Wyss
14. Monitoring and Evaluation Soonhwa Yi
15. Capacity Building Sonia Plaza
16. Public Perceptions and Communications Kirsten Schuettler