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Capacity building

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UNITAR states that “recent reports point to current and widespread deficiencies in training migration stakeholders ranging from a lack of coherent and consistent curricula (IOM, 2010) to under targeted regions and stakeholders (UN/EC JMDI, 2011). IOM’s (2010) annual World Migration Report concluded that there is need for a more comprehensive and systematic approach to meeting the training needs of migration stakeholders.” UNITAR is proposing to integrate an outcome oriented approach to capacity development within the framework of the KNOMAD by working within the thematic working groups to develop capacity development tools – with a particular emphasis on effective instructional methodologies. This work will be complementary to that of the GMG Working Groups on Data and Research and on mainstreaming migration into development policy, and on capacity development. In May 2013, the ILO will hold its third Labor Migration Academy, which aims at providing advanced knowledge and enhancing the capacity of key migration actors to better understand labor migration challenges and opportunities in a changing global political, economic and social context.

IOM has also indicated that “building upon previous experiences in fostering states’ capacities in collecting and managing data on migration processes, such as trainings, workshops, targeted policy recommendations, publications (IOM, 2007, Sharing Data – Where to Start) would be important.” IOM proposes a set of comprehensive and consolidated activities. Some of them would benefit from projects currently implemented across the globe, such as the ACP Observatory on Migration.  Other agencies and think tanks, which have been working in providing capacity building on migration, would be interested in participating in targeted activities.

The KNOMAD will draw on all GMG members as well as representatives of civil society and academic institutions to deliver a strong program of capacity building.