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Forced Migration and Development



Forced Migration understood in the broadest sense is a challenging and complex topic, encompassing different groups of people, fleeing from persecution or conflict, escaping environmental change, natural or human made disasters, migrating because of development projects or being deported or trafficked.Only a sub-set of these persons falls within UNHCR's mandate, which includes refugees, asylum seekers, stateless persons, and internally displaced persons (IDPs). More and more displaced persons are in protracted situations. Existing approaches based on humanitarian, human rights and security perspectives are failing to provide sustainable solutions on a larger scale. There are also important knowledge gaps from a development perspective.

KNOMAD will contribute to clarifying links between forced migration and development and related policy issues. The Thematic Working Group (TWG) will focus initially on refugees and IDPs as it can help contribute to a paradigm shift in this area. The TWG will work on questions related to the socio-economic impacts of forced migration (compared to economic migration), self-reliance of refugees and IDPs, personal transfers to and from refugees and IDPs, public perceptions and the political economy in host countries, and return to countries and communities of origin. The objective is to help the development of evidence-based policy options for protracted situations.