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Panel Discussion

Internal Migration in India: Integrating Migration with Development and Urbanization Policies

8:30-9:30 EDT
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The session marked the presentation of a new World Bank/KNOMAD policy brief “Internal Migration in India: Integrating Migration with Development and Urbanization Policies.” This policy brief examines the various socioeconomic dimensions of internal migration and reviews its inherent relationship with development, especially with regard to urbanization policies. Short-distance migrants compose a significant share of all internal migrants in India. Most are engaged in temporary and seasonal movements and hail from poor and marginalized communities. While rural-rural migration is the largest migration stream, rural-urban migrants make up an important part of urban spheres all across the country. Despite being integral to the economy, such migrants often end up on the margins of society. A broad-based policy is required to expand these migrants’ access to housing, healthcare, and livelihoods.

To watch the video of the session, please see below.




    Dilip Ratha, Head of KNOMAD, Lead Economist, Migration and Remittances, SPJ, World Bank (Watch Video)


    • Professor S Irudaya Rajan, Chairman, The International Institute of Migration and Development, India (Watch Video)
    • Professor Priya Deshingkar, University of Sussex, United Kingdom (Watch Video)
    • Arjan de Haan, International Development Research Centre, Canada (Watch Video)
    • K Ravi Raman, Member, Kerala State Planning Board, Government of Kerala (Watch Video)
    • Q/A Session (Watch Video)
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