Working paper

Human Rights Indicators for Migrants and their Families


Pablo Ceriani Cernadas, Michele LeVoy, Lilana Keith


Migrants face daily and systematic violations of their human rights. The international human rights framework accords all human rights to all migrants without discrimination, except for a few, limited instances relating to political participation and freedom of movement. However, there has been inadequate attention to the systematic collection of quantitative and qualitative information by which to measure the social and human impacts of migration and migration policies. This KNOMAD working paper shows that the use of indicators for the human rights of migrants can facilitate and monitor progress and compliance with legal obligations; that the fulfillment of migrants’ rights is an essential tool for social integration in multicultural societies, and that migrants’ rights indicators promote evidence-based policy-making. The paper provides a practical tool for governments at all levels and other key stakeholders to advance development objectives through the protection of migrants’ human rights.