Working paper

Understanding Women and Migration: A Literature Review | Annex: Annotated Bibliography


Anjali Fleury


Understanding the intricacies of gender and migration can result in programs and policies that enhance the benefits and decrease the economic and social costs for female migrants, who make up half of the global migrant population. The report provides a comprehensive assessment of gender and migration literature, finding that migration can improve the autonomy, human capital, and self‐esteem of women, as well as women’s authority and worth in their families and communities. Migration can advance more equitable social norms and improve women’srights and access to resources. Although migration islargely beneficial, there are many constraints that limit its gains, such as restrictive social norms or laws, gender and racial discrimination, and gender‐specific vulnerabilities. The report concludes by recommending that migrant women’s human rights be protected, and that migrants be provided access to services and resources such as health, legal, and financial services. The report also recommends that governments ratify international treaties and conventions promoting rights and protectionsfor migrant women, as well as promote nondiscrimination and women’s access to labor markets. 

Annex: Annotated Bibliography