Process and Timeline

Thematic Groups: Members will be invited to join one or more of the following six thematic groups:

  1. High-frequency data on remittance flows (monthly and quarterly, Big Data)
  2. Remittance channels and instruments
  3. Bilateral remittance flows
  4. Types of senders and recipients (by type of migrants)
  5. Definition and data compilation guidelines (to address misclassification, improve comparability over time and across countries)
  6. Estimation of unregulated flows

Recognizing that these themes are not mutually exclusive, cross-cutting issues such as gender and type of migrants (for example, high-skilled and low-skilled, transit and return migrants, temporary and permanent migrants, forced and economic migrants).

Meetings: The first working meeting of experts will be held virtually, in three separate 2-hour sessions, in late May or early June 2022. These sessions will discuss and finalize the terms of reference of the thematic groups. After that, each thematic group is expected to meet 3 times as it prepares its report. The final report will be prepared by June 2023.

Members of the GRWG will be briefed on progress on a regular basis.