Civil Society Consultation in Preparation for the September 19 UN Summit: Global Compact on Migration
When : Jul 19, 2016 Venue : Church Center for the United Nations United Nations PlazaLocation : New York Applicable Countries: United States

Event description:

This meeting will be held in two sessions: the morning will concentrate on civil society consultation and preparation for engagement in the UN High Level Meeting on Large Movements of Refugees and Migrants; the afternoon will focus on civil society engagement in the 3 rd Global Mayoral Forum. At the end of the day, we will introduce an online platform for continued consultation in the lead-up to the Mayoral Forum. The UN High Level Meeting will focus on developing “a more humane and coordinated approach” to addressing large movements of refugees and migrants, concentrating on “safe, orderly, and regular migration.” We will dedicate the morning following the civil society informal hearings to discuss implications for global migration governance and the urgent need for a rights-based approach, and strategies for engagement during the Summit.