Measuring Impacts of Refugees and IDPs on Host Communities and Host Countries
When : Nov 20, 2015 Venue : Room MC 5-100Location : Washington DC

Event description:

A Methodological Workshop on Measuring Impacts of Refugees and IDPs on Host Countries and Host Communities was organized in Washington, DC on November 20–21, 2015 by the Thematic Working Group on Forced Migration of the World Bank’s Global Knowledge Partnership on Migration and Development (KNOMAD), Oxford University’s Refugee Studies Centre, the Solutions Alliance, and UNHCR. The workshop aimed to bring together leading researchers in this field with the objective of starting a conversation on identifying a set of methods to assess impacts and increase the rigor of the assessments being conducted. A focus was on quantitative methods and on socio-economic impacts of refugees in protracted situations on host communities (like employment, trade and entrepreneurship, prices, social infrastructure, services and safety nets, public expenditure, welfare and poverty).