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Remittances to developing countries decline for an unprecedented 2nd year in a row


We just launched the latest edition of the Migration and Development Brief and an accompanying Press Release. Remittances to developing countries decreased by 2.4 percent to an estimated $429 billion in 2016. This is the second consecutive year that remittances have declined. Such a trend has not been seen in the last 30 years. Even during the global financial crisis, remittances contracted only during 2009, bouncing back in the following year.

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Refugees’ Right to Work and Access to Labor Markets – An Assessment , Country Case Studies

Working Paper

For refugees, the right to work is vital for reducing vulnerability, enhancing resilience, and securing dignity. Harnessing refugees’ skills can also benefit local economic activity and national development. But there are many obstacles. Based on a sample of 20 countries hosting 70 percent of the world’s refugees, this study investigates the role and impact of legal and normative provisions providing and protecting refugees’ right to work within the 1951 Refugee Convention as well as from the perspective of nonsignatory states. Three metrics analyze the principle determinants of the right to work and labor market access: refugee and employment law, policies and practices that facilitate or constrain the right to work, and mediating socioeconomic conditions.Read Study » Read Country Case Studies »

Online Inventory of Training Activities and Tools

This inventory serves to create an overview of capacity development work in the field of migration and to better coordinate related activities.

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